Recent weeks have left a many of us a lot more time to explore new avenues of interest. Some of us may have found ourselves learning a new language, practacing a daily yoga routine, or perhaps experimenting with new culinary delights in our new found home restaurants come takeaways. Well here aboard The Good Ship Wellgosh we have again found some solace in the universal language of music to keep our spirits lifted and our reduced web team moving whilst picking & packing orders for you lovely lot. 

This instalment of SHOP SOUNDS comes direct from the classically trained producer Prayer.

Prayer is a locally born lad who now resides in London. He is a classically trained pianist & a founding member of Leicester based arts collective Grade 10 who fuses his love of classical music with the euphoria of the dance floor. His most recent release goes back to his roots & is 30 minute piece of piano solo bliss. To coincide with this Prayer has put together a mix of his favourite & most influential piano pieces that have helped form his sound. Like we said, this one is a left turn, you may think it's not your bag, but we've found its a great one to rest the mind & reset the cogs in our brainbox after a long week in the warehouse.

Sit back, relax, reflect, repeat, reprise. 

Wellgosh Love