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As the long summer evenings gradually fade away & Spring / Summer 2020 slowly draws to a close, our attention turns to the forthcoming Autumn / Winter 2020 season that is now scarily close. Well the race has begun, & the award to who can deliver fastest & first goes to shop favourite Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP is one of the longest standing brands within the Wellgosh Famillia, & one that has stood the test of time both in terms of sales on the shop floor, but also in regards to garment lifespan. I have a Carhartt WIP Michigan Shirt that must have been purchased over 12 years ago, & not only does it still adorn my back from time to time, it does so with more character, charm & class each time I pull it out my wardrobe (you can't buy petina!) 

With a rich history in the world of workwear, Carhartt WIP are known for making good quality clobber, often with a playful twist. That said, our first delivery includes some of the lighter weight pieces from their AW20 collection; a nice mix of core classic t-shirts with some great seasonal graphics thrown in for good measure.

A Wellgosh favourite is Carhartt's take on the Loony Tunes logo; the Loony Script t-shirt pulls on our nostalgic heartstrings & is a nod to the weird & wonderful world of bootleg t-shirts that is taking the underground by storm right now. See Sports Banger & Homage T-Shirts. Wellgosh Love indeed. 

Carhartt WIP Loony Script T-Shirt priced £35

carhartt wip loony script t-shirt

We've highlighted some other core classic graphics that are as timeless as Goldie's seminal masterpiece & as 'Carhartt' as the sky is blue! Whilst this is part of their AW20 collection, a fresh white tee to see out the back end of the summer is a great addition to any laidback outfit. Drop it while its hot. 

Carhartt WIP graphics... see more here

carhartt wip AW20 graphic t-shirts

Carhartt WIP's Chase Series is a collection we buy into every season. Core colours invariably include black, grey & navy, & their seasonal colour pops are always on point. AW20 sees them freshen things up with a Frosted Turquoise & Viola (violet) & keep it Autumnal with the addition of a deep rich Dark Teal. As always, the Chase Series is executed on heavyweight Carhartt custom blanks & features a subtle golden 'C' logo embroidered on the chest or the sleeve. We buy this range in every season because the quality is top-notch, it is heavy in weight & relatively light in price. We truly believe the Chase series is some of the 'best basics' on offer, & it's versatile in aesthetic... you can dress the Carhartt WIP Chase T-Shirts up or down situation dependant, and the heavyweight nature on the sweatshirts makes them perfect for the great outdoors whilst maintaining a look that wouldn't be out of place down many local boozers. 

Check out our Carhartt WIP Chase collection here... 

carhartt WIP chase sweatshirts

carportt wip chase long sleeve t-shirts

carhartt wip chase t-shirts

Another stand out piece from this Carhartt WIP delivery is the Tricol T-Shirt. It's funny how you can look at the same t-shirt for so many seasons, then someone like Carhartt switches the colour of each sleeve & it gives it a whole new lease of life!!! The Carhartt WIP Tricol T-Shirt has landed on all of our wishlists. A core classic with a twist. Wellgosh Love

Carhartt WIP Tricol T-Shirt priced £45 

carhartt wip tricot t-shirt

Keep checking back as this is just the tip of the iceberg, we expect Carhartt deliveries to be landing thick & fast over the coming months... check out our current full Carhartt WIP collection here... thats all folks!