No Pyro? No Party!


Adsum x Reebok Pyro

There's a reason why runners have always been a mainstay amongst sneaker heads and well, pretty much everyone else really. They look good, last you for a lifetime and most importantly, are really comfy.

The past few years have seen running shoes become more popular than ever, thanks to so many great models being both released and re-released. Numerous different brands have brought us so many great runners - Nike, Reebok, Adidas and New Balance just off the top of my noggin'.

We've noticed that 90's runners especially have made a little comeback as of late, and wanted to take some time to appreciate some truly great shoes.

90's runners have always had something for everyone, slimmer models from Nike such as the 97's and 98's with the air technology and other shoes such as the New Balance 997, Air Max 2 and Reebok Aztrek have all made comebacks in the last few years, and to pretty great success too.

With pretty much everything being cyclical, it's no surprise that we're seeing the return of runners from years ago. Brands are reimagining shoes and rolling them out to the world for us all to get our hands on. The Adidas Falcon Dorf from 1997, which has since been reworked and re-released as the Yung 1 is just one great example.

Another big one is the return of the Reebok Pyro. Reebok have a pretty good reputation when it comes to making running shoes, especially when you think of models such as the Workout and the Dual Pump. Reebok have been reminiscing about some of their old models and have since decided to bring back the Pyro, which originally launched way back in 1992.

The Pyro actually saw a small re-release in 2016,  but this time around they're bringing it back in a variety of colours-ways. Most notably though is the collaboration with New York based brand Adsum.

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Adsum was founded out of Brooklyn, NY in 2015, and has since made massive in roads towards creating high quality, great looking bits that represent the rich culture and history of North-Eastern America. A great mix between staples of any wardrobe and sportswear, Adsum has something that is everyones cup of tea.

The collaboration between these two comes out a time where 90's inspired apparel has also made a comeback, with the likes of Adsum and their aesthetic, alongside the latest Nike collections  and technical running gear. The past embracing the future.

Adsum are no strangers when it comes to working with footwear giants either. Adsum collaborated with New Balance back in September 2018 to create reiterations of the New Balance 900 V3. Our good friends over at Proper wrote a wicked little piece on the collaboration, which you can check out here. 

Adsum x Reebok Pyro

Alongside the Adsum x Reebok Pyro, we've coincidentally also got the rest of the Spring/Summer '19 range from Adsum here at Wellgosh. The SS19 collection consists of all the basics you could need, but with a nod to the old American gym clothing aesthetic. Some really nice bits that we're excited to have in the shop, so pop in and check it out. Alternatively, Adsum is available for your browsing pleasure here.