Adidas Trimm Trab 'Merseyside' Collection

Liverpool, a city that is decorated in so much history, both on and off the pitch.

To celebrate one of our great Northern cities, Adidas have rereleased their latest from the archive, aptly named the 'Merseyside'.  This capsule reimagines the Trimm Trab sihlouttte, which has a lot of cultural significance in Liverpool, so much so that Trab even became slang for trainers. A cult classic amongst locals.

Releasing in blue and red, which is a nod to both Liverpool FC and Everton FC, this pack has some lovely little touches. Alongside using premium materials for construction, the the collar lining has the following coordinates embossed inside it: 26' 07.5"N 2° 57'39.1"W - the location of Stanley Park, which sits in between Goodison Park (The Everton stadium), and Anfield (Liverpools stadium).

The Trimm Trab 'Merseyside' pack is available in store & online now.