Clarks Originals x Walter White Collaboration Campaign (No Spoilers)

You should all be watching Season 5 of the amazing Breaking Bad, if you're not, why the hell not?  If you are watching it, don't worry, there aren't any spoilers here.  Walter White, played by the very talented Bryan Cranston plays a docile and sickly High School Chemistry Teacher and becomes a ruthless methamphetamine drug overlord over the 5 Seasons.  It's fair to say that Walt's Character has gone on quite a journey but the one consistency within Walt's life is his Shoe Game.  Walter White must have a hard Clarks Wallabees Collection as he is never not in a pair.

Wellgosh believe that not only should Mr. Bryan Cranston be seeded Wallabees but also Walter White deserves a Collab (along with Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang, another advocate of the 1961 moccasin).  Imagine, a Blue Crepe Sole!

Clarks Originals, if you're reading this #WALTERWHITEDESERVESACLARKSCOLLAB