Wellgosh Presents - A Celebration Of Desert Trek. Past, Present & Future.


On Thursday night we had the pleasure of hosting an event in collaboration with Clarks Originals to celebrate the release of their new Desert Trek model. We cleared the shop out so you lovely lot could come for some beers, a munch and a chinwag (and Redstripe dependant, a bit of a skank.)

The tunes were provided by Kontakt & Imitri CounterAction via a punchy little 12v sound system; good vibes all night long.

To mark the occasion we had some tote bags made (ideal for carrying a few tinnies & some personalised Clarks Originals leather tabs courtesy of Sam Grubb and his skills with a soldering pen). Mrs Bridges (one of the best brunch spots in the city) were also kind enough to provide us with a buffet for the event; top-nosh, bon a-petite!

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Clarks Originals have been a mainstay here at Wellgosh for many years so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to have a party with them here at the shop. The event celebrated the Desert Form; a reinterpretation of the original Desert Trek, (one seriously iconic Clarks Originals silhouette). This new model sees the traditional crepe sole replaced with an up-dated moulded asymmetric EVA version, which is lightweight, cushioned and gives a more streamlined aesthetic. Don't fear, the brains over at Clarks Originals have kept all the features that keep the Desert Trek, well... Trek; the contrast heel counter and centre buttseam are still present.

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A wicked night for everyone involved, and we're always happy to celebrate with a brand that we hold in such a high regard.

The new selection of Clarks Originals is some truly wonderful stuff, so please feel free to pop in store and have a look!

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Shoutouts to Mrs Bridges for the grub, Kontakt & Imitri for the tunes, Sam Grubb and his craftsmanship, and most importantly Clarks Originals for working with us!

Photos by Joe Vozza - Check out the rest of the best from him here.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next event here at Wellgosh, hold tight!