Staff Selection - Outfit Of The Week (2)
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Sensory stimulation can be a powerful tool for any garment, our innate animalistic tendencies causing us, almost subconsciously, to respond to the tactility of materials, depth of colour palettes and aesthetic arrangement of patterns. Parallel to that consideration, the textures of construction have a great bearing on the wearability and impact of your outfit too, the relationship, for example, between a crisp oxford cotton and wool knit can work to accentuate both items mutually. Our capitulation to the winter’s cold, also means, the seasonally informed genetics of our outfit become ever more important. Some garments are more functional for base layers, some as insulators, but that function doesn’t mean you have to forgo style.

This outfit of the week demonstrates that perfectly. Its key piece, the Armor-Lux Irish Sweater, not only acting as a warm, insulating layer, but also providing a textural depth courtesy of its fine, virgin wool cable-knit construction. The depth of the outfit continues with the weight and understated tone of the sweater being contrasted by the crisp oxford cotton of the Carhartt Bentley Shirt, its black/white gingham finish also working to subtly break up the outfit from beneath. The arrangement’s outer layer, the Edwin Baller Bomber jacket, utilises a warm wool blend, however, contrary to the chunky cable knit of the sweater and Fuct SSDD Co Watch Cap, its construction is a woven wool flannel for a smoother and more contemporary finish. The Levis Vintage 1967 505 Jeans and Clarks Wallabee Black Suede beneath, bring a darker element into the equation, off-set against the lighter hues above. This outfit is also paired with the Carhartt Lined Leather Gloves and BAG, the natural fibres, utilised throughout, forming a cohesive and unmistakably premium look that is as warm as it is on trend.

This week’s outfit was chosen by Basi and includes -

Edwin Baller Bomber Wool Flannel Black/Navy
Armor-Lux Irish Sweater Nature
Carhartt LS Bentley Shirt Jet/Broken White
Carhartt Lined Leather Gloves Hamilton Brown
Levis Vintage 1967 505 Jeans Rigid
Clarks Wallabee Black Suede
Fuct SSDD Co Watch Cap Black
Cote & Ciel Meuse Folded Backpack Black
Military Watch Company G10 LM European Pattern Black
Military Watch Company 20mm Bond Nato Strap Black/Grey Stripe