Staff Fit from Stone Island, Human Made & Nike

We’re deep into pre-season friendly fixtures, weekends in the Balearic Islands, we're nursing those festival hangovers and revelling in the delights of the lack of school traffic in the mornings. Yes it is the British Summer Holidays. Well Remy is back on the blog and has braved the topsy-turvy weather to put together a summer outfit suitable for all of the above. 

A season ticket holder down at LCFC; in between seasons you can often find Remy staring into middle distance, blissfully recounting memories of the summer of 2016. He’s also used this downtime to select some pieces to impress his mates down the match when things kick off again in August. 

We’ve quickly built a strong relationship with the guys over at Stone Island, and it was our mix-match attitude to classic and contemporary brands that was one of the deal breakers that finally acquired us the account here at Wellgosh. Remy has exemplified this to perfection, mixing his first love for all things Stoney with his love for streetwear cult classics. The pairing of Osti and Nigo, Stone Island and Human Made, is an apparel based marriage made in heaven. The tactile sensation of soft brushed Italian and Japanese heavy slub cotton is something that photos can’t do justice. In this instance, feeling is believing.

The Summer Transfer Window also indicates it is Summer Sale Season, and Remy hasn't shied away from a bargain deal before the window closes. The Nike React WR ISPA is some great business, offering depth in the outfit and a little magic at the back, turning this hoofer with two left feet into somewhat of a playmaker on the shop floor. The water-resistant nature of these kicks also offers a little protection for the experienced sneaker head attuned to unpredictable summer forecast. Down to £83.95 from £140, this is a steal of a deal to good to miss.