Lockdown has been tough for a lot of us in a variety of ways. If you're struggling homeschooling a couple of rugrats, missing seeing your nearest & dearest, worried about what the future holds or just busy at work when you'd sooner be off furloughed during our current heatwave, remember, we're in this together! 

One of the positives to come out of these crazy days is the rich bounty of music being fed to our ever hungry eardrums. Aboard the good ship Wellgosh, we've been regular visitors to House/Techno pioneer & good friend of the shop, Mr. G's soundcloud page. Mr. G is a man that knows more than a thing or two about music. His record collection goes deeper & wider than most, & weighs in at an impressive 50,000+ pieces (imagine trying to alphabetise that?!), so when he started putting out a series of casts to lift the spirits of his listeners, we were straight on it & they've been keeping the warehouse moving ever since.

Check out his latest cast below, it's worth noting, these only ever stay up for a few days so it's worth checking back daily to see what gems he's found in the crates. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, EXPECT THE ECLECTIC. You get him, you don't get him, it's all good music.