Obey has a Posse, are you in it?

On Friday we warmly welcomed the UK arm of the Obey Posse to Leicester to show 'Obey Giant'; a film doing the rounds by the talented James Moll, documenting the life and career of the man behind the (Andre) mask; Mr Shepard Fairy.

With the 30th Anniversary of ‘Obey’ just around the corner, we thought the time was now to show some love and drop some knowledge surrounding a brand we’ve helped incubate and watched grow here in the UK for the last 10 years or so, and what better way than from the man himself?

Now ordinarily we’re not shy of throwing an event of two in the shop, but we approached this one slightly differently. Earlier this year Leicester was blessed with a new art centre come exhibition space come graffiti supply shop; The Mill by Graffwerk. It’s a great space, it has everything you’d need to go painting, from paint to pens to caps to legal walls (most importantly ran by people who know their stuff), it has a banging licensed vegan cafe and a mezzanine that makes for a great exhibition space. The perfect backdrop to show the film.

The film starts at the beginning (as good a place as any) with Shepard as a young social outcast, learning his craft and the power of repetition, and running through the inspirations behind the concept and the name ‘Obey’. Think wrestling, think Barbara Kruger, think sci-fi… think They Live. It documents his battles with the law both pre and post the Obama Hope campaign, his politics and his family life and how these all played out over the past 30 years. There is some amazing footage to accompany words by Shepard, (it turns out he or his associates have been documenting the creation of his work, both legal and illegal since the beginning) which makes for a really interesting watch.

To accompany the documentary, we sourced a personal collection of Shepard Fairy artwork owned by a good friend of the shop to display in The Mill. If you’re a fan of Obey, a fan of Shepard Fairy or a fan of good art, then it’s definitely worth visiting The Mill over the next two weeks to see some seriously iconic artwork before its hidden away under lock and key again. Grab a bean burger while you’re there… v.tasty indeed.

We have the Obey 30th Anniversary clothing available in the shop right now, plus couple of signed Overt To Covert books available to buy. In two weeks this will all be going online and we’re expecting it to sell fast, however for now Leicester has first dibs. You snooze you loose people!

Massive shout out to Simon, Tony & Izzy and Wellgosh Love to one and all who passed through.