Nike Air Max Breathe Collection - ONLINE NOW


We're already getting signs of Summer which means there is going to be plenty of sockless foot action going on in the not too distant future.  The look may be great but one thing is guaranteed, the smell won't be!  This Summer, Nike have yet again reinvented their classic Air Max Collection.  The Air Max Breathe Collection feature open mesh uppers, taped seams, elastic laces and soft heel counters on the Max 1, Max 90 and Max Light silhouettes.  The Air Max 90 is given extra tooling with a natural-motion sole unit.

As suggested by it's name, the Nike Air Max 90 debuted in 1990 and since then, the style has been a permanent fixture around the track and on the street.  Before the Max 1 Hype, the Max 90 was certainly the trainer of choice within Europe.  A minimalist upper and no sew construction teams up perfectly and the added addition of the natural motion tooling on the sole unit is certainly going to give you a smooth ride that looks great.

Seasons change, styles fade and we move on to the next thing, the Air Max 1 has always and will always be there.  Quite a statement I know but it's the truth.  Tinker's classically designed visible air runner is timeless!  We've been a little down on the toebox of the AM1 for a little while now and we have seen certain releases in recent months show signs of a better shaped toe box.  At least they're working on it!  The Nike Air Max 1 Breathe looks pretty good in our opinion, a pointier toe box similar to the Hyperfuse versions will please most of us and the colourways, materials and construction are on point.

There's no doubt about it, the Max Light is a very overlooked style within the Air Max Family but we're pretty sure that the Air Max Light Breathe will tick most boxes.  A remixed rendition of an icon thats lightweight and allows you to wear your kicks without socks, what's not to like?

Although Nike suggest that you can wear the Max 'Breathe Collection' with or without socks, Wellgosh can't guarantee that your kicks will be smelling fresh by the end of the Summer.  We've been doing this for a long time and we've smelt some pretty bad foot odour over 25 years.  We're a massive fan of Odour Eaters and we hope you are too!

The Nike Air Max Breathe Pack is available to buy now at Wellgosh.