Good Graphics from Carhartt WIP, CLOT, PAM & Aries

Psalm is another fresh face on the shop floor and he’s fabulous. A larger than life character, he’s the sort of guy you hear way before you see, and he’s been itching to have his photos taken for the blog for some time now. Well Psalm, your time is now.

carhartt tip black long sleeve t-shirt with white printed graphic

First up, Psalm has selected a graphic from a stone cold classic here at Wellgosh. We don't buy masses of graphics from Carhartt WIP (there is always so much good stuff in their range it is hard to know where to allocate the budget), but when we do, they're always strong. With the likes of Cav Empt & Brain Dead breaking through in recent years, there has been a new wave of graphic t-shirt brands popping off (think Better Gift Shop, Homage Tees, Assid, Creation, Real Bad Man to name a few), and with so many new kids on the block snapping at the ankles of the old school players, it encourages healthy competition and keeps everyone on top of their game. See the above...

perks and mini pam long sleeve t-shirt. white with reflective eyes print

Not the most well known brand at Wellgosh, but a favourite amongst staff; Perks & Mini (PAM) is the brainchild of Australian husband and wife Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey. The two party going, music playing artists who now reside in Paris have created a future cult classic, with references to the Lost City of Atlantis, reptilian humanoids, Big Brother and the forgotten alien forefathers, we're sure they've read a healthy dose of Graham Hancock. We salute!

off white stussy short sleeved shirt with black palm tree graphic

We don't seem to be able to do a graphics post without Stussy popping up, they are after all one of the kings of graphics, OGs in the game, and its good to pay respect to your elders. Open collared shirts are all the rage right now, quite often the more outrageous the print the better, and this Stussy Palm Tree Shirt hits the spot. The symmetrical aesthetic and the linear nature of the print makes for a classy option when selecting your Hawaiian weapon of choice.

clot inc chenille applique sweatshirt, black and multi colour

CLOT was a new addition to the Wellgosh family for SS19, and Psalm has chosen the Appliqué sweatshirt for his Good Graphics selects. Reminiscent of 90s collegiate sportswear, in our humble opinion the chenille application doesn't get used enough these days, and its good to see CLOT bring it back with their own twist. Nice choice Psalm!

aries art trip printed long sleeve t-shirt 

Another favourite amongst staff here at the shop, the Aries Art Trip long sleeve says a lot about the brand. They're arty and they're trippy... check out the recent 'Wiltshire b4 Christ', an exhibition between themselves, Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller and photographer David Sims. Trippy and Arty for sure.