Good Graphics by Human Made, Wacko Maria, CLOT & More

Hello, hola, bonjour, hallo, ciao, ni hao, kon'nichiwa. Between keeping up her reputation as a stickler for a tidy shop (if you let your standards slip during Charlene's watch, she'll defo let you know about it) and mastering her art of multiple languages, our queen of linguistics has picked some of her favourite graphics currently available at the shop.

sky blue human made by nigo printed hoody. blue hoody with black print

Kicking things off with the weightiest item on the list, Charlene selects the Human Made Pizza Hood in Blue. Nigo; the godfather of streetwear knows thing or two about printed goods since founding A Bathing Ape back in 1993. He's not lost it. His current project 'Human Made' is full of quirky graphics ranging from the weird and wonderful to the simple and effective. The Pizza Hood brand carrier is the latter, making good use of screen printing techniques to give the impression of a painted graphic on the chest.

pink crewneck sweatshirt with black print by wacko maria guilty parties

Next up is the Wacko Maria Type 6 Washed Crewneck in Pink. Another heavyweight Japanese jersey from another Japanese heavyweight. We can see a running theme here Charlene.

long sleeve t-shirt by sasquatchfabrix. tie-die long sleeve with black tribal print

Just when you think you know a girl she throws you curve ball. Still residing in Japan but stepping away from a classic brand carrier, the Sasquatchfabrix Nanpou Long Sleeve features a tribal inspired graphic reminiscent of ancient cave paintings; a running theme in their SS19 collection. Tie-die & art from our ancestors, what's not to love?

black clot t-shirt with red and blue logo print and white print of a human's energy flow

The latest brand to join the Wellgosh familia is CLOT. Founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon in 2003, CLOT is Hong Kong's answer to a decade of inspiration from streetwear's golden era. The result is brand known for it's strong graphics powerful brand partners; streetwear done how it should be.

off white natural stussy t-shirt featuring a gold stock logo on the chest and black fu dog print print the back

Last but not least, Charlene has picked one of the latest Stussy tees to land here at the good ship Wellgosh. It wouldn't feel right to run a graphics feature without Stussy popping up somewhere, and the Fu-Dog tee is defo a dope design. With a small stock logo in gold on the left breast and a large Fu-Dog on the back, it turns out even when Charlene goes West, she's still inspired by the East.