CLOT | Artefacts of a different age

CLOT is ticking all our boxes this season. Inspired by the lost worlds of ancient Egypt, forgotten pyramids & aliens from time immemorial; the graphics are to die for (or at least worth being embalmed for) & could easily form the backbone to any modern day Indiana Jones wannabe's summer wardrobe (dusty hats are so last year).

As always the quality is top notch, & seemingly, CLOT's recent collaboration with Nike (remember that Air Force 1 that broke our site?) has seen Edison return to his passion for classic streetwear. The collection is jam packed full of great hoodies, sweatshirts & t-shirts; CLOT aren't trying to reinvent the wheel with this one, moreover they're keeping it's momentum at a time when it is still spinning at speed.

Below are a few seasonal highlights selected by the shop floor staff that are now back from furlough.

clot all over print zip up hood

We're not sure how legit these hieroglyphics actually are, but they look the part & we're trying to get our hands on a 3D printed Rosetta Stone to decipher CLOTs code. Zip it up, zip it down, pop it on over a bright white t-shirt as the sun heads home for the night. Wear it with confidence & it will look great! Wellgosh Love 

CLOT Fifth Elemental Hoody in pink

Pretty in pink; this pullover hoody is an easy wear & looks great with the tonal appliqué branding on the chest. There's something about that red sign off near the waistband that really sets this piece alight! Whilst pink is a personal favourite, this beaut also comes in a mustard yellow with similar tonal branding. Well worth a goosey gander. 

CLOT zenith hoody in black

The Zenith hoody has us harking back to that movie Stargate. Hidden pyramids meets other worlds; it's kind of like Fingerprints Of The Gods in heavyweight jersey form. Seriously Edison... you're breaking my bank balance! We don't need to tell you how to wear a black hoody, although the SEO team that help us out think we should, so go for your life, rock it with your pants & slippers, pop a pipe in your gob if you have one, live a little & love a lot. Wellgosh Love indeed!

CLOT logo flame sweatshirt

FIRE IN THA HOLE!!! You need one badass logo carrier in your range, & this season sees CLOT draw for some classic flames. Hot to trot we don't expect this sweatshirt to hang around too long. Reasonably priced at £119, this classic black sweatshirt is heavy in weight & heavy in design detail. A must have for any CLOT fan out there. 

CLOT Fifth Elemental t-shirt

Call it lazy? Call it efficient? Call it a great design with a particularly great application... the CLOT Fifth Elemental t-shirt is a future classic & we like it a lot.


For all those zip through hood naysayers out there... the CLOT Hieroglyphic design also comes on a short sleeved t-shirt.

Check out the rest of our CLOT offering here...