CAV EMPT | Post apocalyptic powerhouse

If you've read any of our past posts on Cav Empt, you'll know how much we rate this brand. You'll know this was a buy buy-it-blind scenario when we were first negotiating getting it in the shop. You'll know this was massively influenced by the holy trinity behind the scenes who founded the company. Wellgosh Love to Toby, Hishi & Sk8Thing.

Amidst this global health pandemic, we found it interesting to read back over old interviews with some of the founding members, & drew some markable similarities between the state that Japan found itself in back then, & what the world is going through right now. 

In 2011, Japan suffered the worst ever recorded earthquake to hit the country, killing over 20,000 people, destroying livelihoods & shutting down the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The following weeks saw the country plunged into intermittent darkness, mimicking the grief in its people's hearts. Anyone who has visited Japan, & in particular Tokyo might be able to grasp just how crazy this must have been... a city that is in part defined by its bright lights & neon signs. So why was amidst so much drama & heart ache did Cav Empt come into fruition? In an interview with Dazed, Toby Feltwell explains

“It was weirdly dark, (and) just a very strange time... It clearly felt to us that this was like the end of something, it was time to work out what happens next... the disappointing reality and ubiquity of the internet & a dissatisfaction with the present state of things… refusing to believe that the reality we assumed we were experiencing was really real, and perhaps we could just find an alternative somehow.”

Like so much good stuff, Cav Empt was born out of a dissatisfaction with the the norm, a dissatisfaction with society's movements, a dissatisfaction with what the future has become & where we're all going. In this sense, Cav Empt cements itself as more than a streetwear brand; it's a movement, it's a message... it's art. Think Hip-Hop, think Grime, think Punk. Think Keith Haring, think Banksy, think Kidult, think Basquait. Think Postmodernism, think Serialism, think Dadaism. The list goes on.

As we approach the potential dawning of a new era, as the world adjusts to the effects of Covid-19, our governments handling of the virus & the vulnerabilities it has exposed. As we stand beside, listen & echo the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement. As we become more aware of the injustices that prevail across our nations as a result of the societal makeup we're all a part of; perhaps there is another Cav Empt in the making somewhere? A kid throwing up graffiti with a message who’s yet to be noticed, a new genre of music that's hitting basement parties & sound systems below flyovers across the nation, an art movement that's preparing to takeover the galleries when they reopen, a digital revolution that empowers the people not the corporations, a green revolution that will set the world up for future generations to enjoy... we're not sure, but fingers crossed there's an alternative reality on the horizon that we can all take ownership of & make the future a brighter prospect. Now is the time. 

Okay, deep breath, take stock, relfect... below are a few highlights from our most recent delivery of Cav Empt. Buyers Beware. 

cav empt cord design short sleeved shirt

A heavyweight number with a build quality so tough it would quite possibly survive a world changing cataclysm that will take itself & the wearer to the new frontier of civilisation. 

A lightweight airy piece that is subtle in design detail but a perfect piece to counteract the sweaty back induced by the UK's current heatwave. 

cav empt over dyed stamp t-shirt

Over-dyed goodness. You can't buy patina, the more you wash & wear it the better it gets.

cav empt these conditions t-shirt

Classic Cav Emp design cues on a heavyweight Japanese block. Wellgosh Love.

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