adidas SPEZIAL returns for Fall/Winter 2018 - Releasing 00:01(BST) 07/09/18

adidas SPEZIAL returns for Fall/Winter 2018 with a collection of apparel, footwear and accessories that continues to tell the story of Acid House in the year of its 30th anniversary. Focusing on the cultural phenomenon of warehouse parties, that first ‘Acid Winter’, and how the legacy of those first generation ravers continues to endure through the energy of 21st century sound systems.

Inspired by those parallels between the modern sound system subculture and early Acid House, it tells the story of how that fashion and music has had a lasting global influence and how adidas was a key element within it. This premium range returns with a bold, colourful and boundary pushing offering.

Building on the success of SPEZIAL’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection it reflects how the energy of the outdoor raves in the Summer of Love were transplanted into the underground of the warehouse parties. As Acid House made its way back to inner cities, it took on a new look, a new ethos and a new audience.

The colour palette remains vibrant across an offering of graphic T-shirts, heritage inspired footwear and accessories, but this time with a more winterised offering. The popular Mod Trefoil sweat returns in a seasonal colour update, whilst the Carnforth reversible puffer is a colorful addition to the SPEZIAL outerwear family.  The Loton jacket, inspired by archival adidas product from the late 80s, is modernised in a technical Climastorm fabric whilst the Aigburth anorak offers a lightweight packable option with iconic 3M detailing on The Three Stripes. The Harpurhey tracksuit, based on the fit of the popular Beckenbauer SPEZIAL product completes the collection of apparel along with a beanie, long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirt, emblazoned with graphics that reflect the story of the Acid Winter.

Alongside apparel sits a vibrant, colourful selection of footwear, all incorporating SPEZIAL’s commitment to the brand’s heritage as well as innovation and a modern aesthetic.  Running shoes were always the essential for all night dancing and this is reflected in the footwear selection. The Lowertree SPZL silhouette is a new hybrid that has its roots in the iconic Marathon Competition, whilst the ZX452 SPZL is based on a shoe that was designed with a feminine aesthetic but was adopted by boys for their pastel colourway is updated and reborn for the modern collector.

A lime green Munchen Super SPZL, a reference to an 80s Gazelle colourway, is complemented by a version in classic adidas blue and white. The popular hybrid Mallison SPZL returns using a classic Gazelle Indoor tooling, whilst the collection’s commitment to authenticity and heritage is cemented with an Indoor Comp SPZL inspired by the archive Indoor Star with an 80s adidas colourway that was used across a number of styles (including the now legendary Lendl series). The Wilsy SPZL is a 1:1 remake of one of the sought after Universal indoor silhouettes. The Punstock SPZL continues the SPEZIAL lineage of new hybrid leisure shoes that have their roots in the adidas Freizeit range and adds further depth to the variety of styles on offer.

Drop 1 - 00:01 (BST) 07/09/18

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Carnforth SPZL Reversible Puffer Jacket

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Graphic Tee

adidas Originals SPEZIAL LS Graphic Tee

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Harpurhey Track Top

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Harpurhey Track Pant

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Loton Jacket

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Mod Trefoil Beanie

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Mod Trefoil Sweater

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Aigburth Anorak

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Super Munchen

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Super Munchen

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Punstock

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Indoor Comp SPZL


adidas Originals SPEZIAL Lowertree SPZL

Drop 2 - 23:00 (BST) 20/09/18

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Wilsy SPZL

adidas Originals SPEZIAL ZX452 SPZL

adidas Originals SPEZIAL Malison SPZL