adidas Originals Manchester Marine SPZL - Releasing INSTORE ONLY 09:30 (GMT) 30/11/16


The adidas Originals Manchester Marine SPZL releases INSTORE ONLY at Wellgosh on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 09:30 (GMT).

Due to VERY LIMITED NUMBERS, Wellgosh will be operating a STRICT ONE PAIR PER CUSTOMER POLICY for this release.

The following sizes and quantities will be available:

UK5 X 3

UK5.5 X 2

UK6 X 4

UK6.5 X 4

UK7 X 1

UK7.5 X 3

UK8 X 3

UK8.5 X 2

UK9 X 3

UK9.5 X 5

UK10 X 4

UK10.5 X 4

UK11 X 3

UK11.5 X 1

UK12 X 2