Staff Fit from Maharishi, Nanamica & Nike SB

ROSKA ROSKA ROSKA, AKA Captain Roscoe, AKA The Rozza, AKA the Rostess with the mostess... Ross is back.

Having made his debut appearance on the blog after returning from adventures from around the world, we have invited Ross to put together the latest Staff-Fit.

We know Ross is a big fan of Maharishi, we also know the up-cycled kimono has turned heads in the shop, making us all green with envy with every one sold. It was no surprise to see this stand out piece pop up as Ross's mid-weight outerwear layer of choice. Due to the bricolage nature of of this repurposed kimono, every one is slightly different. It's things like this that keep Maharishi at the top of their game.

We all like to get cozy over the wet winter months, and a pair of tracky-bs are a great go-to to aid the search of true comfiness. This is no excuse to let standards slip though, it was only relatively recently that it became acceptable to wear a pair of joggers outside of the gym or kicking back on your sofa, so lets keep the levels high to keep this trend alive. The Nanamica Sweat Pants do just that. The zip detail on the cuff is a nice touch; it looks great and makes the leg opening versatile depending on how you want them to drop over your kicks. As with all Nanamica gear, they have been made with all the care and attention that you would expect.

Inspiration behind this season's Maharishi collection seems to be the connection we have with nature. With so many mushroom prints, weed references and acid faces doing the rounds right now, have the fashion illuminati been away on a hazy weekend and brought back with them a slightly different vision of how life can be? Perhaps. Regardless, the third eye vision depicted in Maharishi's synonymous embroidery work on the Pax Psychotria Sweatshirt is beautiful, and as always has been executed to perfection.

Nike SB is a relatively new addition to Wellgosh. We're not jumping on a skateboarding bandwagon, the gaffer set up Casino Skates (Leicester's best ever skate shop) over 20 years ago so our foundations are rooted heavily in skate & street, so it's great for us to have Nike's SB range now available here in Wellgosh. The icing on the cake? Skate shoes are extremely reasonably priced; these Blazer Low SBs are only £64.95!

Until next time. We Salute! Wellgosh Love