Corduroy Shirts & Tie-Die Works - Staff Fit Of The Week

Bare with us people, we used to run this feature but it got lost during our shop expansion last year (excuses excuses). Here we go again.

This week Dan has selected some of his favourite pieces currently available at Wellgosh. We've tried to ship Dan off the shop floor for a few years now but he's stubborn as muck and still holds it down on the front line. Having said this, he's not all bad, his time on the shop floor has resulted in a keen eye for a combo and has put together a cracking outfit to reignite Staff Fit Of The Week.

The top half consists of the Wacko Maria Crocodile Corduroy Shirt in purple married up with the Sasquatchfabrix Nanpou Long Sleeve T-Shirt in pink tie-die. A Wacko Maria Guilty Parties Corduroy Cap covers his dome.

Anyone that knows Dan or has seen him on the shop floor will not be surprised by his choice of footwear; the guy runs his Vans into the ground just like he does his cars. Unlike his car, a pair of Checkerboard Vans Authentics is defo a classic, his Civic Sport is not. These have been teamed up with a pair of Orslow New Yorker Pants, because the fit on these kecks is spot on for a guy that wants a bit of space up top and a slight taper in the leg.

Another staff member will step up to the mark next week. Lets see how long we can keep this going! Links below to all the featured pieces in this week's Staff Fit Of The Week;


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