Staff Fit including Cav Empt, Needles and Billionaire Boys Club

The young buck from Bedford (shouts to the clanger massive) has stepped up to put together the latest staff outfit.

Meet Kofi-Joe.  Joe has by far the deepest voice on the shop floor, apparently when he mutters his sultry tones, shockwaves are felt all the way back in his home town of Bedford. He knows how to put together a (red) hot outfit too.

Incorporating a mix of some of our favourite brands, Joe has layered last season's puffer shotta bag with one of the most recent tees from the modern day cult classic label Cav Empt with a stalwart piece in the streetwear game, the Billionaire Boys Club fleece check shirt. Is that a red and black lumberjack to match? Biggie would be proud.

The Needles Track Pants have quickly become an iconic piece from the Japanese company that sits under the Nepenthes umbrella, with the likes of ASAP Rocky and Slowthai engaging with new audiences and drilling home the message that how you wear makes what you wear relevant to your look, not the other way round.

Reebok's directional Run.R 96 finishes the look off. This statement silhouette features a Reebok split sole unit that takes cues from the 1996 PUMP EVO prototype. The upper mixes faux leather and mesh panels accented with a bungee cord rope lace, with 3m reflective trims and hits of red to tie back into Joe's outfit.

Joe you did good. We salute!

Wellgosh Love