Staff Fit from Sasquatchfabrix, Wacko Maria, Cav Empt & Vans

'Paint the town red' has many connotations, all slightly more exciting than the red tarmac being laid outside the shop of late, but that people, is exactly what the good council of Leicester have been spending our hard earned tax on. We're using this as an excuse for hit and miss deliveries resulting in hit and miss staff outfits over the past weeks.

The tarmac is down and Elvin is back, and he's set the bar high.

Wellgosh staff member wearing black fleece kimono, black patterned trousers and black vans old skools

Wearing the Boa Hanten Fleece Kimono from this week's delivery from avant garde Japanese brand Sasquatchfabrix, this was always going to be a hard outfit to follow.

Wellgosh staff wearing wacko maria white t-shirt with tiger graphic on the back

Also fresh off the press is the Wacko Maria Vermont T-shirt designed by tattoo artist Tim Lehi. Lehi has been tattooing for over 2 decades and co-founded Black Heart Tattoo Shop in San Francisco back in 2004. He's known for his distinctive style of illustration, and if you check out his instagram you'll see tigers are somewhat of his fortay, a matching fit to Wacko Maria's use of graphics in their collection.

man wearing made in japan outfit from cal empt, sasquatchfabrix, wacko maria and vans

Cav Empt is a staff favourite and seems to pop up in most of our Wellgosh wish lists. Well these kecks might look a little out there on the shelf, but as demonstrated here, when worn in the right way are a great way to add a bit of playfulness into ones get-up, even if you're like Elvin and only like to wear black and white.

Another classic from a classic, Elvin has picked the latest pair of Vans Old Skools in this murdered out black on black colour-up. The white side stripe & laces really pop and compliment the Cav Empt trousers well. These kicks are so fresh they've not hit the site yet! We'll update the links as and when they do.

Until the next time. Wellgosh Love