Master-Piece AW18 - The Link Collection

Originating from Osaka, Japan - Master-Piece are experts in creating well-made, functional and aesthetically pleasing bags and accessories.

The brand was established in 1994, and have since been creating their well respected products at the "Base Osaka" factory. The design team at Master-Piece has always been very small, usually consisting of no more than ten team members, and each team member has a specific role, ensuring that the quality of their craftsmanship is consistently maintained.

This time around, Master-Piece deliver us the "Link" collection. The collection consists of several different types of luggage, featuring several different styles of backpacks, waist bags, messenger bags and shoulder bags.

Master-Piece Link Sacoche Messenger Bag Orange

Master-Piece Link Waist Bag Navy/Orange

The "Link" collection is an original Master-Piece series that combines original fabrics and water-repellent leather with outdoor tastes.

Master-Piece Link Roll Top Backpack Beige

The "Link" collection pays homage to the roots of hiking by featuring bright colours and utilising premium fabrics so to ensure durability and functionality. All components of the products such as the twill and the stainless steel are sourced from local producers. The twill used in the bags is specially processed to increase durability and strength, and the stainless steel that is ever-present throughout Master-Piece products allows for a reliable and functional utility aspect. Alongside this, the leather accents used are all individually hand-crafted for each different product. The leather used is processed during dyeing with a waterproofing solution to give it a water-resistant property.

The main body of the bags is constructed from a non-traditional machine nylon twill. The fabric is given a considerable degree of density due to a 210d and 420d Nylon construction. Leather sections consist of a JES Ecotecs quality controlled leather which has undergone 13 stages of ecological testing to ensure the absence of harmful substances and hexavelent chromium. Black and gold colouring and an original carabiner accent this series.

Through these means of creation, which have been tried and tested for over two decades, Master-Piece have grown to become one of the most respected brands coming out of Japan, and are now notorious for their consistency. The attention to detail, the quality craftsmanship and the premium materials are all to be admired. All products from the link collection are available here.